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B L Castings brings you a comprehensive range of casting services, ideal for commercial endeavours and domestic customers. We work for customers in all industries, and can cater for a great deal of metal related requirements.


Our business is providing you with the most visually stunning and durable metal castings around.

•  Aluminium

•  Gunmetal

•  Steel

•  Brass

•  Cast iron

•  Iron

•  Bronze

•  Stainless steel

Custom metal castings for home and business

Some of the most popular metal cast products we make include railings, gates, road signs, bells, ornaments, plaques and posts. We can design and create nearly anything you imagine.

For a fantastic deal on metal casting services, to discuss your requirements or simply find out more about what we do, please don't hesitate to call.

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Our casting alloys include:

Popular metal casts

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